Sunday, 30 August 2009

New bag for the Thermos Shuttle Chef

We have just commissioned a new carry bag for the Thermos Shuttle Chef. These are being made in UK and should be available within four to five weeks. The bag is thermal insulated and is made from the highest quality materials. The carry handle also acts to secure the lid during transport.

Due to it's design it is ideal for use on a boat where it can be hung from the handle thus making it gimballed.

The bag will turn the Shuttle Chef KPY-4500 in to a truly portable unit.
The price of the bag will be £19.95 plus delivery and is exclusive to Mr D's Kitchen.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Wrights cake mixes and the Shuttle Chef

Last weekend I did some experiments with Wrights cake and bread mixes using the Shuttle Chef. As you can see the cakes turned out very well.


All you need to do is to add water and vegetable oil to the dry mix, put it in a cake tin, cover the tin with foil or the lid (if using a Mr D's cookware cake tin). Then fill the shuttle chef inner pot (in which you have put a trivet or a Mr D's cookware pot cradle) with enough water to come ¾ way up the side of the cake tin and bring it to the boil. Don't put the cake tin in while you are bringing the water to the boil.

Once the water is boiling carefully put the cake tin in the inner pot and bring back to the boil. Once boiling turn down to a simmer and leave for 40 minutes with the lid on. After 40 minutes turn off the heat and put the inner pot into the outer insulated outer pot and leave to cook for a minimum of 4 hours.

When using the Shuttle Chef for baking bread or cakes, the cooking time is often longer than using an oven but remember, the amount of fuel used by Shuttle Chef cooking is a lot less than that used by an oven (which must be good for your pocket and the environment) and if you are camping, caravaning or on your boat you may not have an oven but still would like a nice freshly cooked cake.

Wrights do a selection of cake mixes and we have so far tried the Madeira and Ginger cakes. Both of these were great. If you are using the Mr D's cookware bread tin I would suggest ¾ of the packet mix is used.

I will do some tests on the bread mixes and report on those.
For more information on Wrights go to Wrights Home Baking

Monday, 24 August 2009

New Accessories for Shuttle Chef

Mr D's Kitchen now have available a bread tin, cake tin, Pot Cradle and the top pot all for the Thermos Shuttle Chef.

Theses are all available as separate items from Mr D's Kitchen and form part of a complete exclusive range of thermal cooking items.

For more details go to Mr D's Kitchen Shop.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Mr D's Thermal Cookbook - Now Ready

Mr D's Kitchen - Thermal Cookbook

On the 1st of September, Mr D's Thermal Cookbook will be released. Initially in the UK, it will only be available free with a Shuttle Chef bought from Mr D's Kitchen. Customers who have bought a Shuttle Chef from from us in the past will be entitled to a copy for just the cost of the package & postage. If you own a Shuttle Chef bought from us and would like a recipe book please contact Mr D's Kitchen on 023 8084 2190.

In Australia the cookbook will be exclusively available through Thermal Cookware.

Other countries will be able to buy it contacting Mr D's Kitchen.

Mr D's Thermal Cookbook contains over 80 recipes and has a very useful section which contains information on how to use a thermal cooker.

The recipe book has taken over a year to write and has envolved many testers. I would like to take this opertunity to thank all of them.

Writing a recipe book for a thermal cooker is not as easy as I had though. Developing a way to make something like a Lemon Drizzle Cake meant making around 30 cakes to get the quantities and cooking times correct. At home 95% of all our meals over the last 6 months have come from the Shuttle Chef. Friends have come to dinner and ended up testing thermal cooked meals. As we cook by gas, using the Shuttle Chef has meant a considerable saving in our gas bill.

When things have gone wrong like sinking cakes, Lindi and Allan Rush from 'Thermal Cookware' in Australia have always been there on the end of the phone to give help and support. My good friend Mike Redcar has been a main tester using his Shuttle Chef most evenings to try out new ideas to see if they are working. Jenny my wife has been very involved developing many recipes such as the very popular 'Lamb Biryani'.

The recipes are divided into 11 sections.

  • Soups
  • Mains Poultry
  • Mains Seafood
  • Mains Lamb
  • Mains Beef
  • Mains Pork
  • Mains Vegetarian
  • Puddings
  • Cakes
  • Bread
  • Basic Recipes

Among the recipes we have enjoyed are 'Lamb Shanks on Couscous' which are the best lamb shanks ever, Spiced Beef and 'Lemon Drizzle Cake' which is always a favourite and 'Lamb Biryani' which was the first recipe we ever made in a thermal cooker.

I do hope you enyoy the book I have enjoyed writing it.
Mr D